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Introducing KOOL for Pets

Posted by Julie Callaghan on
Introducing KOOL for Pets

At KOOL for Men, we encourage you to look better, feel better, and do better using our incomparable, effective products. We want the same for your furry friends, so we are thrilled to introduce KOOL for Pets, a line of clean, simple, effective products that help your four-legged family members move, rest, and enjoy a healthy, active, more meaningful lifestyle.

Our first two releases include:

Hip & Joint Relief Mobility Treats ($29.95): Help your pooch feel like a puppy again with a carefully crafted treat that supports joints and hips for less painful movement. Thoughtfully made with all-natural and organic ingredients that have been found to help relieve discomfort and increase energy levels, our tempting treats will help your pets feel good because they are good for them. 

Stress & Anxiety Relief Calming Treats ($29.95): We want your dogs to be relaxed, calm and composed to help them live their best, happiest lives. Ideal for nervous, hyperactive, or aggressive dogs or simply pups who need help coping with environmental stresses like bad weather and booming fireworks, our delicious, tempting treats offer an ideal soothing solution.  Our treats help your dog cope with nervousness, hyperactivity and possible aggression and promote a sense of calm without drowsiness. 

There are many reasons KOOL for Pets is the perfect choice for your pooch. First, they are ideal for all dog breeds and sizes, from the smallest pups to the largest hounds. The treats come with dosage suggestions, ranging from dogs that are under 10 pounds to those that are 90 pounds-plus. 

Even better? Our treats are thoughtfully crafted with all-natural and organic ingredients. Our Hip & Joint Relief Mobility Treats are made with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, organic turmeric, organic black pepper, cranberry extract, wild-caught salmon oil, hyaluronic acid, green-lipped mussel, organic above-sea coral calcium with 74 minerals, and hemp seed meal. Our Stress & Anxiety Relief Calming Treats are made with all-natural and organic calming ingredients, including hemp seed meal, Canadian cold-pressed virgin hemp oil, valerian extract, chamomile extract, passionflower, 74 organic minerals, magnesium, and tryptophan

They also contain no artificial flavors, fillers, corn, soy, or palm oil, and they have been designed and manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility.

Is your pet ready to be calm, collected, mobile, and happy? It’s time to treat them to KOOL for Pets!

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