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Men & Makeup: A Booming Trend

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Men & Makeup: A Booming Trend

Men enhancing their looks with cosmetics is nothing new—in fact, men have used makeup as far back as ancient Egypt when men used kohl to enhance their eyes and create elaborate designs. Throughout history, men have continued to enhance their looks with makeup, from Ancient Romans who used pigment and powders to Elizabethan England when men powdered their faces and their wigs. In more modern days, from Hollywood to hard rock, men have continued to embrace makeup—think Prince, David Bowie, Jared Leto, and more.

But until recently, there has been some stigma attached to men and makeup. Nowadays, however, that stigma has fallen away, and men are making makeup a part of their day to day grooming regimens, with brands like Chanel successfully launching full men’s makeup lines.

A recent study revealed that one-third of men under 30 said they would consider wearing makeup, while 23 percent of all men said the same. Male beauty influencers are also extremely popular and revealing an audience for men who may want to give makeup a whirl.

Enter the recent Zoom boom, when men and women alike have spent more time than ever staring at themselves on video and looking for ways to improve their appearance, and the monstrous market for men’s grooming (expected to reach $166 billion by 2022) is no surprise at all.

At Kool for Men, we believe that when you feel confident about your appearance, it can impact the way you present yourself to the world. Our grooming products offer subtle, yet effective ways to help you put your best face forward so you feel powerful, positive, self-assured.

 Our first offering in our grooming collection is our Eyebrow + Beard Pencil. Available in five colors, our versatile, easy-to-use pencil enhances, defines, and shapes the brows and beard. This multipurpose tool allows you to be as subtle or dramatic as you chose when enhancing your brows or filling in sparse facial hair areas. Rich pigments and an array of colours make it easy to find a solution that perfectly fits your needs. 

Plus, as with all of our products, you can feel safe using them. Our pencils are vegan, gluten-free, and made with natural ingredients. They are not tested on animals and are manufactured in GMP-certified, FDA-registered facilities.

And this is just the beginning! Future releases will include facial scrubs, primers, foundation, and other hair and beard grooming products, so you will soon be able to stay Kool with all of your grooming needs.


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