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Support Your Mobility With These Movement Tips

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Support joint mobility by stretching

No matter your level of fitness, aching joints can put a serious damper on your active endeavors. That’s why it’s important to take action to keep your joints moving fluidly. While some joint issues, like arthritis, are not reversible, there are plenty of things you can do to make your movement more mindful, including:

Keep Moving

Whether you are chilling out at home or behind a desk, it’s important to take periodic breaks from sedentary activities. Stretch, take a short walk, or just change positions to help avoid stiffness.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Every pound of weight loss takes about 3 pounds of pressure off your knees, so 10 pounds of weight loss relieves your knees of 30 pounds of stress. Talk to a medical professional about helping you achieve your ideal weight.

Make Time for a Post-Workout Stretch

It’s tempting to simply hit the showers immediately after a workout, but be sure to pencil in 10 minutes of cool-down time to stretch your loosen up your joints and muscles. Your body will thank you.

Concentrate on Your Core

There are several benefits to building a strong core, both aesthetically and to improve your fitness levels. But a strong core also creates better balance, which helps you avoid injury.

Eat and Drink Smart

A healthy glass of milk is always a good idea for boosting your body’s calcium. For even more joint support benefits, add omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish, like salmon, to your diet.

Lighten Your Load

Remember being a kid and lugging around an enormous backpack with ease? Your youthful body may have been able to handle it, but as we age, our muscles and joints can’t bounce back as easily. Keep your bags as light as possible and remember to lift from your legs.

Work in Wellness Patches

Another excellent way to support your joint health is with Kool for Men’s Joint Mobility + wellness patches. These daily topical patches help make your movement more mindful and reduce aches and pains with an infusion of zinc, glucosamine, and turmeric, ingredients known to support mobility and joint function. The patches also have a thin copper disc that has magnetic qualities to aid in circulation and joint inflammation, as well as a thermochromatic Cu symbol that fades throughout use to indicate its absorption and lifespan.

Incorporating the patch into your daily routine is simple and effective—just stick it and forget it. Each patch lasts for a full 24 hours, releasing ingredients throughout the day and giving you the support you need all day and night. Your purchase includes a one-month supply of 30 patches, which will have a cumulative effect over time.



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