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KOOL Cause

This incredible organization has a mission of providing children around the world with access to education, medical care, shelter, food and clean water, and enrichment.

The founders of Kool for Men believe that every child has a right to opportunity and education. That is why $5 from the sale of every Extra Strength Relief Rub and Water Soluble Nano CBD Drops supports GO Campaign.

As of June 2021,
GO Campaign has:

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- Served 37 Countries
- Funded 517 projects
- Empowered 174 Local Heroes
- Transformed the lives of 187,649 children

Like Kool for Men, GO Campaign stands out for transparency and integrity.
Here’s what makes them different:


GO Campaign finds Local Heroes around the world who are advocating for change at the grassroots level to help vulnerable children in their communities thrive. GO Campaign listens to these heroes on the ground, because they know better than anyone what the youth in their communities need. GO Campaign works alongside them on their journey, helping set clear objectives and attainable goals.

Red Tape

GO Campaign provides grants that have direct impact, cutting out the middle man. Unlike many large aid organizations, government agencies are not involved, therefore there is no red tape involved.


GO Campaign follows donation dollars to ensure each contribution has the intended impact. GO also works with grantees to build up their capacity, thereby decreasing their dependency on outside funding.


After identifying and carefully vetting each new partner, GO Campaign listens to Local Heroes and together addresses the most vital needs of the children in each community.

GO Campaign offers children a fair chance in life. Thanks to your support, we are honoured to contribute to this powerful cause and can’t wait to change the lives of as many children as possible each and every day.
Thank you for joining us on this journey.