Our Founders

Todd Hewitt


Kool Choice: I love our Instant Freeze Joint and Muscle Rub, which is made with menthol and evokes childhood memories of a concoction my grandmother used on the family farm in Canada to treat muscle soreness and stiffness effectively.

Kool Moves: I enjoy CrossFit training four times per week and yoga twice a week. I also love travel, cooking, and entertaining groups of friends. 

Carlos Calvo Rodríguez


Kool Choice: My favourite is our soon-to-be-released CBD Hair + Beard Growth products, because although men do not talk about it, we all want to have healthy hair! When you do, you look good and project yourself better. It is easy to use, and it’s already part of everyman’s routine, just that we made it better and with a purpose. 

Kool Moves: Hiking is my favourite healthy activity. I love being outdoors and exercising in nature. 

Allen Cai


Kool Choice: I love our Energy and Focus Soft Gels. As an athlete, business owner, husband and father, the combination of CBD, CBG, Caffeine and Taurine is perfect to keep me focused and maintain my energy levels throughout the entire day. 

Kool Moves: My two favourite things to do are to compete in CrossFit championships and spend time exploring Hong Kong with my wife and two-year-old son. 

Berlin Tan


Kool Choice: My favourite Kool product is our Energy + patch. I travel extensively throughout Asia, and I love the natural pick-me-up it provides.

Kool Moves: I love martial arts and anything to do with the beach and water. 


Our Story

The story of Kool for Men is one of friendship, serendipity, and, like the infinity symbol in our logo, infinite opportunity.

We are a global brand led by four men who have made health, wellness, balance, and connection part of their lives. Though we all hail from different parts of the world, what we have in common is a focus on wellbeing and a devotion to improving the lives of those around us effectively and naturally.

Carlos Calvo Rodriguez and Todd Hewitt met many years ago in Costa Rica, working at Central America’s most famous five-star resort and spa, where their team earned the coveted Condé Nast award for Best Spa in Central and South America. Since then, the energetic duo has conquered the spa and wellness world, having successfully managed the operation of more than 100 spas across five continents, including flagship hotels, resorts, and private residences.

Both have had various global roles in their careers, most recently helming the wellness team at the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts headquarters in Hong Kong. Todd was overseeing the group’s spa and health club brands, while Carlos was driving their learning and development initiatives. Former vice-chairman of the International Spa Association, Todd is highly regarded amongst industry peers and was honoured twice by Spa Finder as one of the Top 10 Spa Directors Worldwide. Meanwhile, Carlos is a physiotherapist, massage therapist, aesthetician, and feng shui master, as well as an acclaimed spa industry trainer and expert in healing techniques and protocols.

Through their travels to China, Todd and Carlos accidentally interrupted a commercial shoot featuring Chinese influencer KOL Berlin. After apologies were extended and many conversations ensued, they all realized they had a similar vision of developing products for men by men and that the Chinese male was looking for the same products as other men from around the world. A new friendship evolved.

Back in Hong Kong, Todd was looking for a gym to continue his fitness regime and toured a CrossFit facility close to his home led by the gym’s owner, Allen Cai. Three years and many personal training sessions later, Allen became one of the founders, providing the team with valuable insight into what active men need before and after workouts to optimize their training.

As these men came together with a common goal of creating powerful products for men, the dream team—and the idea for Kool for Men—was born.


Our Concept

Though we all come from different walks of life, what we have in common are busy lives, where we are juggling many priorities while still wanting to look and feel our best. In the past, none of us felt like we could find the products we needed to support our wellbeing without having to turn to the women’s sections of department stores or online retailers. We were also aware of a shift taking place in the world—more and more men are looking for products specifically designed for and developed by men, options that are discrete and generate immediate results but do so with natural ingredients. We decided that this was an exciting opportunity and a challenge we wanted to undertake, and we came up with a plan for bringing Kool for Men to the world.

In early 2019, we began working closely with an international team of spa experts and laboratories to identify and produce specific wellness and grooming products that would help men look, feel, perform, and live better. In 2020, COVID-19 caused worldwide anxiety, and the need for natural remedies to boost physical and mental immunity became even more paramount.

After many months of rigorous research, we are now proud to present the first of many offerings from Kool for Men, an innovative, high-quality, clean range of products developed by expert men for active men.

We believe in keeping things simple, discreet, and masculine, because that’s what today’s man wants. The products are practical and easy to use, made with the understanding that we are all time-pressed and overwhelmed at times and need a simple and effective solution. 

Kool for Men…Empowering Men Through Every Movement.